Prenatal Program

Our prenatal administrator, Anna DeBoef, will lead you through 5 sessions of Prenatal. Sessions will be held at the Centre on Tuesdays, 1:00pm-3:00pm. You will receive information and tools on how best to walk through your pregnancy, delivery and home-coming with your baby. Partners are encouraged to come!

  • Session 1: What Can I Expect of Pregnancy?
  • Session 2: What Can I Expect of Labour and Delivery?
  • Session 3: What Can I Expect at the Hospital and in Coming Home With the New Baby?
  • Session 4: A Time for You and Your Partner: Breast Feeding
  • Session 5: Taking Care of Your New Baby

Grandmother’s Heart

Call us before your baby is born, or after your baby arrives! We would love to be there for you! A "Grandmother” will come to your home, for 2 hours, and give you a hand once a week for a period of about 6 weeks. She may help with a meal, bathe the baby, do some laundry, talk, change a diaper, read to a toddler, go for a walk, provide books, encourage, do dishes, be a friend!