Community Education

Community Education

The 4U Community Education Program is available for school presentations, youth groups, and community workshops.

About Our Program

We are available to speak within schools and youth groups from an abstinence-based perspective (not abstinence only). We recognize that while abstinence is the safest option, it is not the only option. Our goal is to provide unbiased information about all options so that students can make informed choices. We focus on healthy relationships as a means to positive sexual decision-making.

Each of our grade level workshops is based on the Ontario Curriculum Health and Physical Education, of which abstinence is listed as a required component. All statistical information is thoroughly researched and referenced.

Our workshops are offered free of charge. They do not contain a moral or religious agenda. We provide this information so that young people do not find themselves in the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy or the reality of a Sexually Transmitted Infection.

Our main objective is to empower young people to make healthy choices. Workshops are interactive and discussion based. Information focuses on the prevention of unplanned pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections and the importance of healthy relationships.

We are available for presentations upon invitation or request.


  • Grade 7 – "Lead or Follow”
  • Grade 8 – "Know Where You Stand”
  • Grade 9 – "Fact or Fiction”
  • Grade 9/10 – "Chance or Choice”

To book a workshop please, email Darla Keene, our 4U Program Coordinator, at or call/text (613) 969-7866.