A Father's Presence

       Spending time together is something that is happening less and less. In a world that is more connected than ever before, a new reality is emerging. We don’t spend as much time with other people face to face; talking, laughing, and eating a meal. We have replaced so many of our interactions with people with interacting with devices which makes certain situations more efficient such as a checkouts at a grocery store, but one area that technology will never replace is the presence of a father. There are some unique benefits for child development that comes from having a father there. Studies have shown that the way fathers play with their children is different than that of a mother. Fathers tend to be more spontaneous in their play helping develop kid’s curiosity. This fact might not be in the front of children’s mind but what will be is that they know when Dad’s here anything can happen. They also tend to encourage rougher play which within proper limits can help children develop self-confidence. So let’s spend time with our kids. Don’t worry so much about making the most amazing Instagram perfect moments but enjoy the small moments that are all around us together. It makes a difference. When more and more people are feeling lonely in spite of being more connected; let’s have Dads step up and make an effort to simply be with their children in a way only they can be.


Dave Drabiuk is head of the Men's Program at the Belleville Pregnancy and Family Care Centre.  All men are welcome to meet with Dave on Wednesdays. Men's Program runs 4pm-5:30pm every Wednesday. Feel free to contact him at 

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