Parenting 101

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can feel overwhelming.  Whether you have had previous pregnancies or not, finding support and resources to help you move forward well is key. Here is a list that can be helpful as you navigate the next steps.

  • Some people really benefit from having the opportunity to talk about their situation in a safe and confidential place.  You may need a good listening ear to share your concerns, questions and fears.
  • Medical care for your baby and yourself throughout your pregnancy is needed.  Set up an appointment to confirm your pregnancy and get the care and guidance that both you and your baby will need.  They will help you to arrange an ultrasound and other care referrals.
  • If you would like to have a mid-wife or doula make an appointment with them as soon as you know you are pregnant as many people require their services.
  • Eat healthy and stay active.
  • Take some time to learn about what resources are available to you in your community.
  • Create a plan as you move forward.  What are the items you will need to care for your baby? What would you like your birth plan to look like?
  • Educate yourself.  There are prenatal and parenting programs available in your community.  You may be able to do them on line or in person and bring your partner or support person with you. Find books and resources to better prepare you for labor and delivery, breastfeeding and bringing your baby home.

Children thrive in a safe and secure environment.  Make your home a place where your children can grow and develop well. As a parent your most important job is to love your child.  When we love our children we want to protect them, teach them and keep them safe.

Where there is much you can do to prepare for your baby’s arrival, there are some things you just learn along the way. Can I encourage you to reach out when you don’t know the answers and when you need support?  Children need us to be big enough to care for them and look out for them and that means getting help and support when you need it.

We are here for you! Contact the Centre and see how we can help!

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