May 2018

What Are Your Values?


A theme most common in the classrooms I visit for our 4U Healthy Lifestyle Course is the lack of personal values. Media is a big influence in the decisions students make. Pointing out or discovering true values rather than what media or friends say is one of the most important activities in my presentation.  Values are questioned such as “Is it family?” “Is it Education? Physical Health? Media opinion? Music, honesty....?“  Which are non-negotiable? What will you do when these are challenged? Do you compromise? Many students are surprised at their answers. The hope is that they will be able to make their best choices in the future knowing what their non-negotiable values are.

So what can you do at home with your grade 7/8 kids? Try this exercise at home: talk about your own personal values. Create scenarios and find out what would they do.  How can they stay strong to their values in order to meet their particular goals?


Darla is our 4U Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator.  


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